Anti Termite Treatment Post Construction in Baroda

Post-construction anti-termite treatment services Provider in Barda. anti-termite treatment is a crucial aspect of pest control services that helps safeguard your property against the destructive effects of termites. Unlike pre-construction treatments, which are applied during the building phase, post-construction treatments are designed to protect existing structures. These treatments involve the application of specialized chemicals or barriers to create a protective shield around your property, preventing termites from infesting and causing damage. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure the long-term effectiveness of post-construction anti-termite treatments, as termites can be relentless in their quest to invade your property. Investing in this preventive measure not only preserves the structural integrity of your building but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is shielded from the silent and costly threat of termite infestations.

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment in Vadodara

Post-construction Anti-termite treatment is a method of termite control that is carried out on a building ready for habitation or a residence that has been occupied. This method is carried out when these pest intruders attack through surface soil and spread throughout the building to get food. Anti-termite post-construction in buildings that have been attacked by termites is the right step in preventing damage to your building. If the termites are allowed to attack continuously throughout the year, it is not impossible that you have to rebuild your building. Post-construction termite control can be done after the building is finished and ready to be inhabited or even if the building is already occupied, this method is still workable. The floor will be slightly perforated with a drill to inject chemicals and will be covered again with almost the same condition when before being perforated.

Following steps are taken while Post construction termite treatment:

  • Drilling on the floor: The second stage is to use a drill to bore a hole in the floor’s surface and inject anti-termite chemicals at a particular equal distance location.
  • Thorough inspection: The first step is a thorough investigation of termite-infested structures. This is necessary for determining the point and course of termite attack, as well as the usage of termite control measures in the structure.
  • Inject a chemical using an injector: Anti termite chemicals are injected into holes in order to protect structure from termites.
  • Install the bait inside and out: If the inspection results indicate that termite bait should be put in the structure, baiting will be carried out. The placement of bait both outside and inside the colony has the potential to harm the colony as a whole.

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  • Termites can eat files, kitchen sets, chairs, books, frames, tables, and all your things made of wood
  • Termites are pests that can cause huge losses to your property
  • Termites are born deaf, blind and mute, but termites can build a large kingdom in your building.
  • The termite queen is very large with a length reaching 11 cm, while the termite king is only 2 cm. The termite warrior who guards the queen is ± 1 cm in length.
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