Termite Pest Control Services in Baroda / Vadodara

Termites are the silent destroyers as they chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper all undetected. Our team provides you with highly effective and safe termite pest control services in Baroda toward the prevention from harmful pests from your residential or commercial property. Our reasonable termite control service in Baroda is accessible for both residential and commercial customers. Having the right proficiency and experience, we concentrate in eliminating the termites or white ants from your property. Our experienced technicians use the thermal exposure to establish termites in the woodwork, brick or masonry without causing any harm to the structure. We take care of the infestation by utilizing new generation chemicals that are considered to control all termites. The team affords a basic clean up after completion of the job. We also present pre and post-construction service against subterranean termites. We make sure in providing termite treatments and solutions to eliminate the infestation and prevent it in future.

How We Work?

Pre Construction

The pre construction termite control is an efficient approach to stop termites, where our experienced team of professionals of termite control comes to your place, examines and afterward starts teremicide penetration operation under the soil, slab, foundation and plinth by making small holes at an assured distance. The process is frequent as per the prerequisite, which our professional team choose based on the soil and surroundings. On the completion of the chemical termite barrier, the chemical suspension is filled and sealed subsequently. The consequence of the teremicide leftovers for a longer period of time and thereby is extremely treasured by the end users. Besides that, we also believe the edge area during the pre construction Termite Control Treatment, and apply the teremicide even in the surroundings to avoid attack of termites from outer side only.

Post Construction

The post construction termite control is a defensive approach beside termites and can be applied to the diseased area or can be applied to a home or building as a precautionary measure beside the termites, wherein the wall, floor, wooden fixture, external perimeter and termite tube (only if infested) drills at the explicit distance and filled with the teremicide, is thereafter sealed by white cement with extreme care. This post construction termite control service has confirmed its potential by thoroughly preventing a termite attack and enduringly eradicating the termites from the infested area (if termite affected). This post construction Termite Control Treatment is guaranteed to last its effect for longest time.

Why Book Termite Pest Control Services in Baroda?

  • Highly trained and experienced pest exterminators in Baroda
  • 100% efficient and enduring treatment
  • Environmentally-friendly products for pest control
  • Assured quality service at the best price
  • Committed team to guarantee perfection
  • Complete site inspection
  • 100% safe: Only government-approved chemicals are used
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